Day 3: TODAY WAS SOOOO BUSY...will have to play catch up soon!

Today was so fun but super busy. I have to be up at 4:30 am tomorrow to head out to my volunteer placement in Ostional Wildlife Refuge.This is the placement I wanted. If you are interested, check out Wikipedia to see why this is truly a phenomenal and magical place to be.

I have so much to share but since I need sleep,  I decided to share my photos and video from Festival de la Luz. I have posted quote a few videos on my Facebook channel (which you can subscribe to in order to see everything from my trip),  but here is one of the beautiful cadavers from the parade: Dancers of Festival de la Luz 2017

My photos from that night have been uploaded into a "Festival de la Luz" album on my Facebook

Pura Vida!

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