Day 4 In Costa Rica: Let's get you caught up!

Hola mis amigos!

I am adjusting to three idea of "Tico Time", the concept that everythi ng moves a little slower asks laid back here... including the wi-fi!!!

My last vlog took a little over 24 hours to load.  I understand that no one is depending on my posts for their survival but I still like beyond able to share them. 

I am sharing different things across different platforms.

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Subscribe to my YouTube channel, for special video content which may not be posted here. 

Follow my Facebook, turn on notifications for when I go live, maybe even prioritize my posts while I am here so you don't miss a beat!

And now, the video you all have been waiting for...

Day 4 In Costa Rica

To learn more about Ostional, visit Wikipedia

Pura Vida!


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