Post #6 - 12 Suitcases of Donations Tallied Up!

When I realized that Kenyan customs might cause problems (mid-air on my flight between Dubai and Nairobi), I began gathering my lists of everything I packed and tallied up EVERYTHING I brought. Let me be clear, this is not everything I received. I still have my car full at home of things I couldn't fit, but plan to send as needed to Riziki. Opening all the bags was like Christmas and I felt like Santa, but the best feeling is seeing the children wearing and using the things I brought every day!

Here is what the children received from all of you...

47 Handmade Blankets (Thank you Project Linus!

CLOTHES 139 Tops 50 Pants 32 Shorts 6 Dresses 10 Pajamas 170 Socks 5 Sweaters/Sweatshirts 9 Jackets 15 Hats 3 Scarves 16 Belts 39 Headbands 32 Pairs of Shoes 20 Swimsuits 50 Boys Underwear 53 Girls Underwear 11 Bras

PERSONAL HYGIENE 73 Toothbrushes 588 Sanitary Pads

ENTERTAINMENT 95 Books 7 Games/Puzzles 43 Toys 6 Skeins of Yarn 1 Yarn Loom Kit 1 Ball Maintenance Kit 5 Soccer Balls

ART SUPPLIES 5 Packs of Construction Paper 4 Sketch Pads 15 Coloring Books 500 Crayons 6 Pairs of Scissors 120 Colored Pencils

SCHOOL SUPPLIES 9 Backpacks 13 Notebooks 29 Pencil Cases 30 Journals 300 Pencils 450 Pens 24 Highlighters 50 Erasers 96 Pencil Sharpeners

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To ALL who contributed to this amazing collection of donations!

I managed to get it from this...

To this...

Woo hoo!

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