Post #7 - Weekend in Maasai Mara

This past weekend, I joined the children and staff of Riziki on their big trip to the Maasai Mara area of Kenya (learn more here). They only take a trip like this every few years so I feel very fortunate to be invited to join them. We stayed at Mara Experience Home Stay Village (trying to locate contact information).

Before the trip I was battling a cold and it hit me full force our first full day at the Maasai Village, which was a bummer, but I rested and the family took care of me, bringing me food and tea in my tent. Here is my video from that night.

For reference, I found a helpful diagram of a drop toilet (sometimes called a pit latrine)...

...When in Africa...

While I was not well, I handed my phone off to some of the boys to give a tour of the accommodations. I was so impressed with their professionalism. They shot several takes and reviewed them. They left with this sweet video shot by Dennis, starring Dominic. If you are interested in more kid-friendly or kid-made videos like this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel "Miss Crystal Travels the World!".

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