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My Philosophy


Above all else, children are deserving of love, respect and dignity. Everything comes back to this principle and should guide all who work or surround themselves with children.


Children are curious creatures who want and are ready to learn about our world. My role as an educator is to give them as many opportunities as possible to figure it out. I believe in creating a diverse environment where children can learn through play, exploration and discovery. Children should be able to go outdoors regardless of the weather and have access to real life materials and tools. What can be learned through these experiences and social interactions with other children (of all ages) is more relative and significant in their lives than anything I can teach them.


Children are all different and thus learn differently. That being said, children should have access to all kinds of information whether it be deemed “academic” or not. I was the child who asked for more math problems and wanted to be a famous dancer. I want to be able to cater to children in all learning modalities and creative interests.


As a member of the human race, I feel it is crucial for children to learn about other cultures and societies. Learning that you are a part of something bigger is what builds compassion and empathy; two qualities that are important to a child’s growth.


Childhood is a magical time and that sense of wonder and fun should be held on to at all costs. I am a supporter of silliness and laughter. They should be a part of every child’s day.


Lastly, children need to be heard, but more importantly need to learn the power of their own voices. We, as adults, have the opportunity to help children find their voice.


We have work to do!