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Preschool Mosaic Project

Promoting Diversity in Early Education
A Preschool Diversity Initiative

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The Problem

There is a lack of diversity in high-quality private preschools.


Many private preschools in Los Angeles are disproportionately white, middle and upper class, while low-income minority families are barely represented. Research has shown the benefits of high-quality early education for all children. It improves overall well-being, increases long-term educational success, greatly reduces chances of engaging in criminal activity, and improves career opportunities, which equates to higher income. Not all children have access to quality early childhood education.

In recent years, efforts have been made to provide early education or preschool for all children. In California, wonderful programs, like Head Start, CalWorks, and The Partnership through CCRC, provide comprehensive child and family care to low-income and minority families. Although these programs are helping, they are not addressing the lack of diversity in private preschools.

The Solution: Preschool Mosaic Project

Establishing a non-profit organization with the purpose of increasing diversity in Los Angeles' private preschools. Our preschool diversity initiative would establish relationships with local private schools in need to diversification. We will raise funds, through grants and private donations, to supplement the tuition costs for minority children to attend one of our committed schools. Funds will also be used to provide Anti-Bias Education for the teachers at these schools. Lastly, we will continue to provide support, by helping with placing participating children in kindergarten programs after successful preschool completion.

Our Objectives:​

  • Raise community awareness of high-quality, local preschools and opportunities for tuition assistance.

  • Increase the racial diversity of the student and parent bodies of private preschools.

  • Give teachers/educators the tools, through professional development, to facilitate and support a respectful, inclusive, and diverse school environment.

  • Improve classroom and school environments with culturally rich and diverse materials.

  • Provide a smooth transition into kindergarten programs.


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August 24, 2017 - 

Scheduling our FIRST Information & Brainstorming Meeting. 

Seeking parents, educators, advocates, and community members who are invested in increasing diversity in early education.


If interested, please use this link to let us know YOUR AVAILABILITY to attend.

This will be an introduction to what I have been working on but, more importantly, it will be a open discussion about diversity in education and brainstorming next steps. Thank you for your support!


August 10, 2017 - 

Currently seeking Board Members!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our organization,

we are currently seeking board members and officers.

Send us an email introducing yourself.

Please attach your resume for consideration.


Crystal McGinnis